Can't seem to start server with correct game mode.

Hello everyone,

Today I went to run my server, and I cannot seem to get it to run in anything but sandbox. I have the commands sv_gamemode, sv_defaultgamemode, and sv_gamemodeoverride all set to ‘spacebuild’ in my server.cfg and my srcds.exe command line and it won’t seem to work. I used to just have the commands in the server.cfg file, but when gmod 2007 was released I had to add it to the command line to get the server to recognize it. Now it simply keeps loading as the sandbox gamemode.

When I read the server console, it doesn’t say anything abnormal happened - it just says "Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’ " but no errors. Normally it says: Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’ " then "Registering gamemode ‘spacebuild’ derived from ‘sandbox’ " on the next line.

I just reinstalled Spacebuild 2 today, what could be the problem? I copied the spacebuild folder into my server’s gamemodes directory, and installed Life Support and Resource Distribution in my addons directory. All should be working OK, but I can’t figure out the problem.

  • Any help or suggestions would be great!


Ok. I just reinstalled my entire Gmod client fresh, AND my Gmod server. They are both new installs.

I’ve gotten my server to load the right game mode now, but all sorts of things aren’t working. It seems that some of the base Lua files needed (eg for the scoreboard, and Q menu) aren’t being sent to my client correctly. I can’t access the Q menu and the scoreboard uses this strange “default” them. when I look in the console I see this:

Downloaded File CRC is wrong (sandbox\gamemode\player_extension.lua)
Deleting cache/dua/3092797238.dua
Couldn't include file 'player_extension.lua' (File not found)
Downloaded File CRC is wrong (sandbox\gamemode\scoreboard/scoreboard.lua)
Deleting cache/dua/2404583291.dua
Couldn't include file 'scoreboard/scoreboard.lua' (File not found)
Registering gamemode 'sandbox' derived from 'base'
Registering gamemode 'spacebuild' derived from 'sandbox'
Downloaded File CRC is wrong (weapons\gmod_tool\stools\vgui/duplicator_gui.lua)
Deleting cache/dua/502230879.dua
Couldn't include file 'vgui/duplicator_gui.lua' (File not found)

So it’s obvious the Lua isn’t being sent correctly. Since I just did a fresh install of Gmod, I’m not using a downloadurl. What could be causing this? Has anyone else experienced this trouble? I don’t know if it’s server-side problems, or client-side problems. Here’s what it looks like when I join the server:

As you can see some of the Lua needed to properly draw the Stargate aren’t even there. Also notice the scoreboard.

What can I do? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

how did you get it to register spacebuild in base??? I can’t figure it out…