Can't select/make anything in hammer.

I’m having a bit of a problem. My hammer is acting kinda crazy, doesn’t matter what tool I choose, when I click in a 2D view it just moves the grid around, it doesn’t select, create, anything, just moves the grid around.

If I click in the 3D view, the mouse just goes to the center of the view, just like if I pressed Z to toggle mouse navigation.

I need help, how do I fix this?

This started to happen after I installed propper:

Have you checked your preferences to see if “Aligh viewscreens to mouse positions” or something like that is checked?

I remember there being such an option.

Thanks, I fixed it :smiley:

I had this problem for days, and was about to re-install Hammer when I realised pressing the spacebar fixed it. T_T

Somehow I manage to cause the same problem. What was worse (for me) is when I hit Shift + Z (or whatever it was) into the 3D view. Luckily, my raging at the keyboard fixed it.