Can't Send Client Info

I just built a new computer, due to my last one being very…slow. It works amazingly, single player runs flawlessly on all high settings, even when I use nukes. The OS I use is Windows 7, the drivers for all of my hardware are installed, nothing is wrong with the parts. But for some strange reason whenever I go to join a multiplayer game, I can’t get to sending client info. I download everything from the server fine, but then my computer freezes up without even showing the “sending client info” message. I’ll provide any information requested, within reason. Please help me fix this.

I download the files, then go to “Downloading Lua Cache File”, then it freezes up.

It may just be loading after you download the Lua Cache, or it could be the server’s fault.

Try waiting a few minutes for it to load.

Where did you download your Garry’s Mod from?

Yeah, it could be it’s taking a while to load, mine sometimes takes a few minutes after getting the cache.

It could be that it is loading, my sending takes longer than most other things. And like LinuX said, where’d you get the game from?