Can't set spawn

I’m running the latest version of DarkRP and I can’t use /setspawn because it says I’m not admin even though I’m superadmin in ULX and superadmin in the settings.lua file under darkrpmodification. Any ideas why? Thanks!

it says ur not admin, so become admin not superadmin

Uh… no, that’s not how it works haha.

i owned a server for a year, i know how it works

No, that’s not how it works. You are apparently like 5.

Anyways, try going to your scoreboard and clicking your name, change your group to “superadmin” hopefully that will work.

did you make sure to see if your version of ULX is up to date?

@Percipience Unfortunately that didn’t work. Thanks tho!

@Rarri I actually think it might be that. I will try it tomorrow and let you know if it worked.

Alright, so the latest version of ULX (3.7) absolutely breaks every plugin imaginable, so I went back to 3.62.
Also, I can’t set doors to be unownable.