Cant set textures in the editor

Sorry if this is in the wrong section!

So as the title says I cant set the textures at all in the editor, I use source multi tool and I cant seem to set any textures, nor could I find on the internet for what I’m looking for

This is my Game Config

My Build Programs

and I downloaded RP_Downtown v2 and it ends out like this

I have tried creating a block on a new map file but whenever I try and set the texture it does nothing

Yes, I’m a nub plz dont judge I just started :confused:

in the 3d viewport click on the word camera, then chose 3d textured polygons.

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You also need to add a fgd file. where it says Game Data Files here:

Okay, I added in garrysmod.fgd and cstrike.fgd and that fixed the lights and doors but still hasnt fixed the texture problem and I have a few errors on the downtown map

EDIT: Oops I just did that camera thing it fixed everything, Thanks!