Can't set up a server

Hi, my problem is that i can’t set up a private online server to play with a friend.
In the past we did this every night, with no problem.
But now if i host the server, he can’t join because as server ip he see (which is my ip, in my lan) but i want to create an online server, no a LAN one.

i have XP 32bits updated this morning with the latest microsoft updates
the firewall allows hl2.exe to go online, and the firewall on my router is disabled, in addiction my IP ( is on the DMZ.

What i have to do? Please answer T.T

Give him your WAN IP, look here:

we already tried this
but he can’t se me

no we’re using hamachi and it works. but previously we didn’t use hamachi

i wan’t to know why gmod put as server ip my lan ip and no my public ip

It’s just the way steam works. Are you sure you correctly DMZed or forwared ports?

i think yes.
i’ve applied a rule that forward all the ports from 1 to 65500 tcp/udp

but my router (dlink 3340s) when setting up a rule ask for a start port, a end port and a “port map” which i don’t know what is it.

the old rule (for using torrent) was
start port 30000
end port 30000
port map 30000

now for gmod is

start port 1
end port 65000
port map 30000

(the port map is 30000 because i edited the previouse one), but if i check (on uTorrent site) if ports are opened, only 30000 appears to be open

so i’m sure


Thanks for your replies

Oh god you’re not supposed to be forwarding that many ports. Just forward the ports you need, 27015-27020 UDP and TCP

i have already tried everything so at last i forwarded all the ports, but if i’m on the dmz in theory i don’t have to forwards ports, or i’m wrong?

In console type these commands:

sv_lan 0

Hope that fixes it. Also, forwarding that many ports is a HUGE security risk.

I had a problem similar to this for a very long time (had ports opened, firewalls opened, etc.). Turns out I had to go into my modem settings (not router, the modem, which is one step out of your network towards the internet) and enable IP passthrough to the router. It might be called something else depending on the brand of modem but basically you’re telling the modem to pass all port access attempts to the router instead of discarding them.

also tried sv_lan0 and heartbeat.

tony can you explain better? i can’t understand.
in my net there’s nothing between the router and the internet.