Can't shoot or swing

All I did was turn on third person in the console then I went back to first person and now I can’t USE ANYTHING. I CAN:
-Spawn items
-Change my player model
-Get in vehicles
-Move around

-Shoot a weapon
-Swing a weapon

I CAN SWING only when I’m holding down “c” which is the default button for changing the player model and stuff.

This is also affecting MULTIPLAYER. I did NOT spend $10 on a game that can be broken so damn easily but apparently it can.

I have:
-Quit the game
-Turned off cheats
-Turned cheats on and off
-Restarted my computer

And none of these worked.

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am i going to get any help?

I guess no one knows the issue :L

Did you unbind the attack button and rebind it to C?