cant sign in on

so i just bought the game and wanted to download some addons, however it seems you need to be logged in to do so, however when i try to sign in through steam firefox wont redirect me to the page, it just keeps loading and loading and loading

Try using Chrome, if you actually own GMod.

is there any other option?

…Chrome doesn’t work either, I click on Sign in Through Steam, and it’s just loading endlessly

having the same problem, i’m using firefox.
Apparently is down, I need to download some maps so i can actually play
seeing as all the servers are modded these days

Same for me,i just bought the game, i tried on IE9,Mozzila Firefox,Google Chrome,but nothing worked for me,i guess that we are just going to have to wait

its been happening for like 3 days :\

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wait its working again guys!!! is up and working again!

now I have ANOTHER problem, I sign in through steam, it says it sent the code to my email and… nothing there, I’ve done what it says in the steam support page thing, and it still won’t work

i also cant sign in through steam it tells met that my login data are wrong but they worg wenn i log in when i start steam but i cant get to so i cant download files =(

sorry for bad english im german

This seems to happen to me randomly, sometimes i can login sometimes i can’t.

well if all else fails,there is always

Email Steam Support, it’s probably on their end.