Can't sign in!!! : (

I made an account yesterday and now I cant sign in the enter button does not even click.

my friend cant too

ya it is annoying

Are you using the right password?

What OS you using? What Browser are you using? Have you confirmed your account through email? Have you tried to retrieve your password using Forgotten Password?

it never sent an email to me when i made my account. Imade it before registration was dissabled.

Using windows 7 browser is chrome i am using right password

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even if i type in wrong pass nothing happens

have you both tried password retrieval?

I don’t think there is password retrieval.

Yeah, can’t login either.

Same over here, if i hit login it just doesn’t do anything.

I had this problem when the server was being wiped… Not a clue why it started happening right now.

It seems that more and more people keep having this problem… I made a topic about it and few people responded and I have seen that there were quite a lot of topics about this bug, it’s really annoying I played the game just fine before and now the login button doesn’t work neither does pressing enter on the keyboard. I don’t think that it is the wrong detail for most of the people, I logged in before using the login/password I am using to try to login now, I have re-typed and copied the l/p but it doesn’t work. Oh and I forgot different browser doesn’t work either.

Make sure that you use your email, not your username.

Doesn’t work either.

Did everyone here use the 0000000 key?
because i heard a rumour that it was blocked… dont know if its true tho, although, i could log in last night, and i can’t now.

Any help from people would be appreciated.

Also, can people please not just type “Mine isn’t working either” or something equally as pointless, atleast say something more constructive, share your thoughts, or maybe a theory behind why its not logging in…

Dont set yourselves a bad rep

No, I came here before they required the key. My problem seem to have fixed itself though and I’m able to log-in again.

A little late here but I got the key a couple months ago, did those accounts back then get wiped because my login isn’t working anymore.

Yeah, I logged in fine. I can’t log in on Firefox, but Chrome worked fine. Just try different browsers?

I still got nothing.