Can't Sign In

hey guys,

about a week ago i recieved a free alpha key from PsiSyndicate while watching his stream and used it and it was all going great until yesterday. i tried to log in and a message came up saying “invalid beta key”. i have logged in and out perfectly fine until yesterday and i have no idea what happened.



How are you logging in? Can you post a screenshot?

You hypocritical dumbass.

Are you pressing the register button instead of the login button…

Thanks for the laugh, Maybe you helped this guy too lol

no, no im certain im pressing sign in. now its not even saying “invalid beta key”. its saying “User not found, or wrong password”

Lol Have you tried resetting your password?

yes i have and it still wont let me in

AllShamNoWow? Really?

We already got 3 imposters using names of popular LPers kicked out.

I’m using his name in a forum, is that really a big deal ? I still have a problem regarding rust that needs seeing to

Maybe… PsiSyndicate gave the key to someone else too.

That’s because you’re not the real AllShamNoWow, you’re an imposter who tries to earn Rust key.

the real one is american

im not trying to earn a key? i already have one that no longer works? read the thread mate

your an aussie? IMPOSTER

Nice try, Tyrone.

Lewis either gave the key to someone else by mistake, or it was guessed after it was given out, by someone else.

That’s kinda gay. So I can’t get it back at all ?

Heh your plan of getting a key failed, sry. Funny how you removed the Australian flag from your profile info. funny huh? lol

can’t remove flags, just means fp fucked up

dude the steam ended today not yesterday. this person is clearly trying to get hes hands on a key