Can't Spawn CSS Props In My Server

hey, i have my own dedicated server and when i join in, i cant spawn css props, yes i do own css, but in single player i can

You will need to install Counter-Strike Source on your server.

ok, sorry i read about the server issues, i didnt know i need to put counter strike too

EDIT: sorry, can somebody tell me how to install it? i have the server installed but i can only select garrys mod

EDIT: ok i knew it now, because of you tube

Search first, whine later

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well,now i cant i have the css installed, i can use the weapons but i cant spawn…?do i need to move cstrike folder to orangebox?

No don’t.
Go to the GMOD Wiki…
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ok found it, i knew i just need to move the cstrike folder to orangebox… tnx btw… ok i have a quote:

try it before you whine it? its that ryt?

Thanks, i hope it works, moving the CSS Folder to the orangebox folder, i had the same problem, i switched the gamemode to RP to and all the guns and money had no physics, hope it works ;D

or u can use slayers serverinstaller and it puts zenoclash and dod derma css tf2eps2