Can't spawn entities or weapons

I just starting getting getting this problem today, and I’ve been trying to fix it for hours. Whenever I spawn a weapon or entity, nothing spawns, this is all I get in the console in game: “Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘_Notify’”. I also get the message when I buy doors or switch jobs.
I dont think it has to do with my weapons or entities but heres the codes:

AddCustomShipment(“MP5 - Silenced”, “models/weapons/w_hk_mp5.mdl”, “m9k_mp5sd”, 1234, 10, True, 123, False, {TEAM_GUN})

DarkRP.createEntity(“Piano”, {
ent = “gmt_instrument_piano”,
model = “models/fishy/furniture/piano.mdl”,
price = 1500,
max = 1,
cmd = “buypiano”,
allowed = {TEAM_PIANIST},
sortOrder = 1,


I even deleted everything and recreated the whole server, and yet the same problem still happens. If anyone thinks they have any idea Id gladly try it, thanks.

Nobody knows???

Can you spawn entities normall through the spawnmenu? Did you update your server and DarkRP to the latest versions? Are you using DarkRP modification?

Yes, I pretty sure its latest, and yes. I removed everything then added it back in and it worked, but now I’m getting the same issue again.