Can't spawn model in Garry's Mod?

Hey, recently i made a model, compiled nicely, and looks good in the Half-Life Model Viewer.

But! In Garry’s Mod it just gives me an error when i spawn it, and nothing spawns:

  • Here is my QC file:
  • Here is my VMT file:
  • I would really appreciate it if you know how to fix it.


  • Nikolaj

FIXED IT… i dunno how but i think it was becouse i added

to the vmt…

oh my ******* god… This post has what? 30 views? i made it 2 hours ago, and i see posts made 6 minutes ago with 25915819512515258454612864646846 views and 645618648615816 comments!

So you post THAT and then rate yourself agree and expect us to help?

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and wtf, now that its solved, you comment?

No. No one here respects someone who rates themselves. You also rated me dumb, and I honestly don’t care, but it just shows how much I SHOULDN’T help.

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