Cant spawn props on my darkrp server.

Title. I have reinstalled Darkrp with the latest revision and done rp_allowprops 1 and all the other shit is checked.i click a prop and it doesn’t spawn yet i can spawn ragdolls.

is the prop banned? some props are banned by the server to prevent spam

I cant spawn ANY prop.

sbox_maxprops 30

The sandbox prop limits still play an effect even when the gamemode is DarkRP.

If what deadeye536 said didn’t work, there was a command on Darkrp that may have somehow gotten enabled. This happened to me before. I believe the command is rp_allowedprops 0
That command should fix it. Don’t get it confused with rp_allowprops either. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks Cireric that worked I gave you all usefulls since you all tried to help :stuck_out_tongue: