Can't spawn robotic, gears, or rails.

On my dedicated server (running Garry’s Mod), I noticed while on the server I could not spawn robotic, gears, or rails. I thought it was just me for a while until I started joining other servers and I could not spawn them either. I noticed this issue a few updates ago and never had the chance to post. Am I missing content?

I am having this problem as well, also seeking direction.

I couldn’t spawn them on my server either until I uploaded the Garry’s Mod Content gcf and now I can spawn every prop that was missing. Hopefully it’s not the only solution, because it takes quite a while

When I installed my server on Linux from scratch, the CS:S props were not working until I found a thread stating to move the ‘cstrike’ folder. After doing that it worked just fine, not exactly sure why it was put out of place. The Robotics and Rails do not work at all and I was wondering if this is kind of the same problem.

echo “Garry’s Mod Installer”
echo “A screen may ask you to agree, just type yes when this happens!”
echo “Starting in five seconds!”
sleep 5
chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin
./steam -command update -game tf -dir . -verify_all
./steam -command update -game garrysmod -dir . -verify_all
./steam -command update -game “Counter-Strike Source” -dir . verify_all
echo “Installed! Any problems should have been reported!”

If you need anymore info to help us sort this issue, let us know.

Why are you using HLDS?

I am not sure, this is my first time ever installing Garry’s Mod on a Linux machine and followed a tutorial. The server is stable as all hell, a lot better then NFO or any other rental place… just a minor issue with some of the models. Is there another way I should be going about this? The OS is Centos 6.4.

You should be using SRCDS or a custom server.

Use SteamCMD

This is quite confusing, I see srcds.exe and it’s using hlds to download?

Hldsupdatetool is ran by SRCDS, that is normal.

cd \srcds

To get back on topic, I still haven’t figured out how to get the missing models working. They are all in the folder, but seemingly half of the robotics and specialized work.

Sorry for the double posting, but I have figured out that it may be a case sensitive issue that is common on Linux. Apparently the files names themselves do not match the path in the spawn menus, and this is causing the files to appear non-existent. I ran a string “find ./ | sort -r | sed ‘s/(./)(.)/mv “\1\2” “\1\L\2”/’ |sh” which converted all files to lower-case. I also realized that if I modify my server, that the clients will need to all match as well. . which broke it more.

Luckily Garry broke my Linux GMOD because now it shows up to date, but is still running an older version and I must re-install it anyways.