Can't start Garry's Mod up.

I tried deleting the garrysmod folder to redownload what I think is corrupted files, but I just can’t delete the folder. It keeps saying I don’t have access to both “bin” folders, and this happens even if steam isn’t running or hasn’t ran already.

I already narrowed the file down to “engine.dll”, I can’t touch that file, even opening it in Notepad or Notepad++ says that it doesn’t exist.

Buy the game and don’t pirate it. If you did try deleting clientregistry.blob

screenshot proof that you own it or it’s on to warez

Can you rename the garrysmod folder? If so, do so.

Can’t, bro. Going to go try the clientregistry.blob and see what happens.

good boy

Deleting clientregistry.blob doesn’t work.

Engine.dll is the only file that doesn’t get updated.

I switched off read-only.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be playing Garry’s Mod 9.

Verify Games Cache

Verified, defragged, attempted to update, reinstalled steam. Engine.dll persisted. But for some strange reason it decided to work today so whatever.

Deleate the .dll then patch it

do you have a Source game? i had that problem when i didn’t know Garry’s mod Required a source engine game.

Portal: First Slice and demos do not count as Source Engine games.