Cant start Garry's mod

Ok so i have Garry’s mod installed but i have one problem every time i load it it’s trying to run from a half life application which is only 104 kilobytes. when the game tries to launch it says the half life app has stopped working. i click on the application… same thing. what is it trying to do and is there a way to fix the problem?

Apparently you can’t find the help and support section right above you either.

if you have vista then do this.

go to steam games tab,
find garrys mod,
right click it and go to properties,
then hit set launch options and copy paste this in there
-dxlevel 80 mat_dxlevel 95 -window -h 864 -w 1152
if that doesnt work then i dont know. good luck.

Did you :yarr: it?

Why is it that when someone has troubles with gmod someone claims they torrented it?


OP try verifying it by going to properties. that may help.

Dammit Bobby, we need proof.


Mostly because it’s his first post, no acc. link, etc.

That’s why I suspect :yarr:ing going on.