Can't start GMOD or Half Life 2! HELP!!

I just bought Garry’s mod and Half life 2 and it won’t even start up. I even restarted my computer and my Steam library keeps saying “Syncing” for both of them. It’s been two hours now and I’ve lost my temper. HELP!


Ok so forgot to leave out a big portion, after I run it and it goes to the screen and says “Loading” it exits out and a white box comes up and says like “h2l.exe error” or something like that.

Link to steam profile:

Well they have been updated a lot. So it would take some time for it to update. Sync them over night and if they arn’t done when its morning, I cant help you after that.

ok well thank you for trying at least :slight_smile:

Didn’t work so anyone else got some bright ideas? Please?

play hl2 first and then gmod
and if that dont work redownload them

Sorry but can we have a link to your steam profile page, just to be safe

kk gimme a sec


I re-downloaded GMOD and Half Life 2 won’t start either.

Are they done downloading?

they downloaded and I installed them but it still says “syncing” after 1 day and it shows an error when I try to load GMOD and my computer just like gets an enlarged screen when I play Half Life 2.

go to steam games tab,
find garrys mod,
right click it and go to properties,
then hit set launch options and copy paste this in there
-dxlevel 80 mat_dxlevel 95 -window -h 864 -w 1152
if that doesnt work then i dont know. good luck.

We don’t like you shit resolution of 864x1152
Go for something like 800x600 or 1024x768