Can't start rust, Kernel Patch Protection disabled

Hello, i get the following message when i try to start game:

How to enable Kernel Patch Protection and why is it even disabled?
How can i play rust again?
What i already tried:**
I already tried to restart steam, but this did not solved anything.

Thx in advance for you help

Uhm, I believe because you might be a hacker?

Is your version of Windows legit?

I am not a hacker, nor a cheater.

Yes it is, i have Windows 7, i have it from MSDNAA

Now everything works again suddenly.

as per devblog:

so you probably restarted, enabling patchguard again:)

But i don’t understand how it was getting disabled in the first place?

mystery for the ages i guess.

could be user, malware, program, or even windows fucking up.

I had this problem with a recent Rust update (legit Windows and Rust). I tried rebooting, but that didn’t work. Then I reinstalled and rebooted and it worked. HTH