Cant start select Portal in the SDK, wtf?

I was gonna map for Portal.
I started the SDK
When I click portal it automatically selects Half-Life 2.
I have tried resetting all the configurations, Reinstalling the SDK, Reinstalling Portal. Everything I know of but nothing has helped.

Anyone else got the same problem?
any help?

I have the same problem. I can only choose out of the HL2 series.

I have no clue on how to fix it. Something with clientregistery.blob or something.

Try deleting clientregistry.blob in your steam folder and restart steam

tried it, no difference…

Have you run portal before starting the SDK?

You need to actually own Portal to use the Source Sdk it didn’t come with it when it was free as you do not own the toolset for it just the game.

1x Bad Reading

He said he reinstalled Portal, thus most likely he owns it. Or he’s a yargghhhhhhhhhh pirate.

Well isn’t portal free? I got a free copy anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
Try to RUN PORTAL. Did the trick for me.
(& consider removing the clientregistry.blob once more)

As far as I know, you must purchase Portal to map for it. If you got it free, you can’t.

I have bought Portal, but I cannot select it either.

Stupid question, but you’re reset game configs and all that shit, right?

Also, try creating a custom config for Portal.

I got portal for free, & it does show up in the sdk

I suppose people don’t understand? There was a whole 2 weeks or so where Portal was offered free to everyone. If you took up on that offer and downloaded it you only got the core game. You need to actually physically buy the game with money to get the toolset. Apologize if i’m not understanding what everyone is saying as it seems people were getting rated dumb so i just wanted to clarify. When i say free i’m not talking about piracy but legit copies that were given out in that time period of which did not come with the toolset. I’ve read this on multiple other forums about this same question and this was the reason why portal isn’t there. However it may not be true to everyone as it seems some people did get the toolset aswell.

I had the same problem with ep2, it’s just Valves usual bullshit.
Your going to laugh at the fix.

1)Go to

2)Open gameconfig.txt

3)See the blocks of text for each game? You need to copy the portal one and paste it at the top.

Now when you open SDK Portal will be the first choice and will be selectable and working as normal.

If only everything was made with the quality and reliable of Valve Software Products :slight_smile:

What the hell are you smoking? Portal doesn’t run on some other engine branch. You have the .gcf and you can configure source engine 2009 just like any other game.

What happens when you don’t have the source sdk to begin with? Anyways just making a point when they were giving it away people wasn’t getting the sdk. Ignore me i’m stupid if that makes no sense this obviously isn’t the issue of which i understand now.

Then of course you can’t use it, but if you have EP2 or HL2 beforehand you can easily set up Portal whether you got it free or not.

Actually, he’s right about one thing. I was reading about how when Valve was giving away Portal for free (I remember that) it wasn’t accessible in the Source SDK or something like that.

In this case the OP has source sdk so its irrelevant.

I cant find either portal or Day of Defeat Source. Portal was free, DoD was gifted