Can't subscribe to addons in Garry's mod

Ok, so I wanted to download an add-on, but I can’t at all subscribe to it. When I press the subscribe button (both on the thumbnail and on the add-on page) it acts like I’m subscribed to it (shows the “unsubscribe” button), but it doesn’t subscribe to it. It doesn’t show in my subscribed list in Gmod, or in Steam, and when I reload the page, I’m no longer subscribed to it.

Does anybody have a solution or experiences the same problem? This happens with any add-on, and I can still favorite them, just not subscribe to them.


Honestly… I have no idea. Sorry man.

EDIT: Try re-installing the game.

The fuck?

It might be something with cookies or some shit? Are you doing this through the steam browser or your internet browser?

“… with cookies or some shit?” … Let’s see you help :slight_smile:

Through both Firefox and the Steam browser, it doesn’t work. :frowning:

But well, the problem is “resolved” for me, since I managed to download the addon I wanted through I’ll see if I can subscribe to maps from Portal 2, maybe it’s not limited to Gmod.

Post back once you do.