Cant type sometimes

Hi, i got g mod today and I’ve been having a problem. After a couple minuets of turning on g mod when i try to type in console or chat box i cant erase. Also when i press A it deletes all my text i wrote.

Whats going on?

Press alt tab and then maximise the game, it’ll work fine. No idea why it happens though.

Ah, that happened to me in L4D once, you have to change your keyboard layout to US (or UK if you’re US) and back, worked for me.

well i the thing about vista is it screws with my keyboard on my laptops. I also had a problem where it would turn the keys to secondary so that the A would have a ascent but i figured out how to fix it.

Try tapping <CTRL> at the text box. I usually got those symptoms using AMIP to copy paste what I listen to into Source, and I’ve recently noticed when this happens there’s a “[CTRL]” in the corner of L4D’s text box (dunno why, but hey! It worked)