Can't update my server

Whenever i try to update my gmod server, it says there are no files to download. but when i try to join my server ingame, it says the server is running an older version of the game, what do i do?

Same thing here, I think it may be a botched update.

Did you use SteamCMD to download the ds?

nope, used hldsupdatetool. what is SteamCMD anyways?

You are required to use SteamCMD now with the Garry’s Mod 165 update to SteamPipe.

Information here.

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It’s a new updater/installer for server content and it’s necessary to run Garry’s Mod servers effectively now that we’re on SteamPipe.

Seems much easier to install on linux than hldsupdate tool, thanks for the help.

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