Can't upgrade buildings?

I’m unable to upgrade my wood foundations and walls to stone now. It worked yesterday before the update. Anyone else having this issue?

Also, how much metal does it take to upgrade to a metal door? I have over 1000 and it still won’t work.

Upgrades worked on Seattle this afternoon, provided you have the wood and stone. And doors actually upgrade to stone, not metal. Triangle ceiling upgrade, but triangle pieces are generally weaker than squares. Metal isn’t really in yet. So the building system is clearly WIP.

Ah geez. My bad, I didn’t even realize you needed wood and stone in your inventory! Never mind, please DDT this thread.

“metal” doors use stone and wood last i checked, for testing purposes.

presumably they will use metal frags in the future, so i guess it may change.

Yea, this really threw me off been smelting damn ore all day, lol.