Can't Upload Anything

I can’t upload anything to the Toybox. When I try to, it says “Looks like that worked out fine!”, but when I try to add content with my script, it’s as if I didn’t do anything at all. Any suggestions?

I can’t upload anything either. Though, it will either just say that the connection timed out or bring me to a blank screen.

Can you give this another try please :slight_smile:

I gave two more tries, both ending in the same problem. There is nothing wrong with my connection though. I recorded the second try to show the problem.

Yo, Garry, any news on the situation? There have been no new uploads for days now.

Every time I try to upload, the connection times out and I still can’t upload a zip file after a week. I thought the problem was sorry ass hughes net but I tried it on a fast land line and it didn’t work then either.