Can't use a homemade font on my HUD

Hello , im working on a crysis mod , i done a lot of things but i have a big problem with the hud , the mod is based on a Crysis Quick Menu HUD icons are in VTF format , the HUD use Fonts (.ttf)

Few days , i done my font (Not easy -.-) but Gmod (10 and 13) won’t draw it
It works with the original font but not with my font

The code :

surface.SetFont( “CrysisSuitModes” )

The font can be downloaded on my FTP : Here

[lua]surface.CreateFont( font_name, size, weight, antialiasing, additive, new_font_name )

surface.CreateFont( “coolvetica”, 64, 500, true, false, “SandboxLabel” )

Try creating your own font, and see if it’ll work.


But i made made a new with parameter “Unicode” (It was Symbols)

Thanks a lot :smiley:

No problem (;