Can't Use Browse. Or run Gmod more than once.

So, when I booted up Gmod today I ran into an error that has plagued me for quite some time. When I went into the Browse tab I could only open up one folder. When I clicked on another one it would give me the symbol that it had opened up, but it wouldn’t. So I exited the game and tried to run it again. I got the “Only one Instance…” error.

I’ve encountered this error before. It’s usually the result of a bad addon or putting an addon not in the addon folder. My usual approach to this is to cleanse Gmod. So I did. But when I started up Gmod again, with no addons, just vanilla Gmod, I encountered the same problems.

I couldn’t open more than two folders, and got the “Only One instance…” errors. So anyone know why this would be? Or how to fix it?

BTW, the “Bad Addon” thingy manifests in three ways. One, you can’t save. Two, You can’t Browse. And Three, you get the “Only One instance…” error.

To solve only one instance you just have to ctrl alt del and look for hl2.exe in processes. You didn’t exit properly so it didn’t end properly, probably due to said bug.

I really don’t know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about the browse tab, although I’ve had trouble with it not opening properly before as well.

Yeah, I know about how to fix the “Only on Instance” deal. But it only does this when this bug appears. Normally, I just hit quit, and it quits. And I can start it up again.

Okay, so here’s what happens when I use the browse tab. Lets say you select the Half Life 2 folder, it will open up and give you a list of all the sub-folders with props in them, like Docks, buildings, C17, etc… Right?

Well, lets say you open another folder, you click on it, and the little plus sign changes to the drop down symbol, but the folder doesn’t expand. You can open up the Half Life 2 folder again, but none of the other ones. And for me, I can’t open any other folders til I quit and restart the game.

This is what’s happening to me.