Can't use custom plyer models serverside

Hello again (yup, third time, I know…)

This time, I want to add new player models to the initial list. I put the folders in the addons one and it works well on singleplayer, but when I put them on my server, some of them prompts well in the list, but even if we choose them, nothing happens (after a rebirth or reconnection), while some don’t prompt at all.

I looked to the lua files of the addons and saw something strange : Some addons don’t have a “if (SERVER)” line. May I add this manually ? (But it’s not the case of every addon that doesn’t work)

My server runs on Debian and it’s a dedi server. I have all the necessary accesses.

Thanks by advance,

did you remember to FDL the files?

Absolutely :slight_smile:
Everytime I add new things I FDL them