Cant use Nexus 3.0 D + Nexus Skeleton

Hello guys,
I have get those 2 things, the gamemode and the framework, but it doesn’t works.
In my console, it show that before it automaticaly close, just after loading wiremod tools :

Offcourse, it dont make that when i try other gamemode like sandbox, darkrp, or tiramisu, so it’s the nexus :x
Can you help me please ?
I really wanna try this gamemode… Thanks.

That indicates that one of the modules is broken.

Remove gamedescription and it’ll work fine.

Latest update of GMOD broke the DLL files of Nexus, one of my friends is currently trying to fix the issue.

Oh ok thanks Slayer, me and a friend really wanna make a serious french roleplay community, becose our community sucks.
Can you add me to steam ?

Thejjokerr, what is “gamedescription” ? A DLL file ?

Correct, deleting that dll solved the problems you had for me. Simply take it out of the lua/includes/modules folder.

Done, and it now works, but i have now a new problem.
Every mysql configuration is correct, i use same configuration as phpmyadmin, but it show he could not connect ( and if i write lik sql.propozpfoe.fa it say the sql host doesn’t exist so it should works when i write the correct one ) :

I’d first fix those errors above if I were you. After you’ve done that, make sure that your MySQL host is set to allow external connections(usually involves having to add your IP to an exception list)

I’m on the IRC chan of my host, i’ll ask them if it’s possible.
“Dannyssj4: Pour des raisons de sécurité, les connexions externes sont bloquées aux serveurs SQL.”

For security reason, external connexion to the SQL server is locked ( i translate for you ).
Do you know a free mysql host ? who works with gmod

Why would you need an SQL server? You can use the built in SQL fuctions in gmod to do it.

Yes, though modifying Kuro’s gamemode to work with that would be hell. Also, tmysql is perfect for Nexus.