Can't use resource distribution 3?

It just fails to work correctly. I can spawn entities,and create nodes, but the link tool doesn’t create links, as far as I can tell. There’s no wires between the entities either. Adding to this, the info screens don’t display any data, and there are no tooltips ‘energy = 10023’ when placing crosshair on the entities. I have already reinstalled everything, and it’s still the same. One other thing: There are no wire ports on any of the entities either.

Thanks for your time, i hope there’s a solution!

Addons list?

Adv Duplicator
Asuran Satellite
Day of defeat
Madcows Weapons
Nuke pack 4
simple prop protection

Its only in multi player it doesn’t seem to work. Others report it working fine. They report that they can see the wires and tool tips from my spawned equipment, but I cannot. It’s not a version error, I checked. What could it be?

I don’t see LS3 Entities in that addon list. And I don’t see wire model pack either for that matter.

Or catdaemon stargate and stargate resources.

Do you use SVN?