Cant use stuff in browser

Hey i need some help i tried restarting steam and gmod but it doesnt work for some reason i cant see or use any of the stuff in my browser , and this pops up . What do i do ?

It’s Garry’s newest update. It fucked up the browser. You’ll just have to wait for him to fix it again.

Here is a temp fix.

for _, funcname in pairs({“Exists”, “ExistsEx”, “Read”, “Size”, “IsDir”, “Find”}) do
local old = file[funcname]
if not old then continue end

file[funcname] = function(a, b)
    if a and not b and (string.sub(a, 1, 3) == "../" or string.sub(a, 1, 3) == "..\\") then
        b = true
        a = string.sub(a, 4)

    return old(a, b)


It’s shared.

What are you supposed to do with it?
Stick it into lua/autorun or something?