Can't use the GUI studio mdl since the last update of CS:S

MountAppFilesystem() failed: SteamMountAppFilesystem(4294967295,4294967295,0x1b10f7e4) failed with error 4: Bad launch configuration

So where the hell do I have to set the configuration???

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And there’s no “studiomdl.exe” in the “steamapps/common/”

You can trick the Source SDK, as well as GUIStudioMDL, into compiling back into the old directory from before the recent CS:S update. Just follow these steps (courtesy of Gmod4ever):

  1. Remake the old installation directory (Steam/steamapps/username/counter-strike source/cstrike).

  2. Make the 2 (if not 4) sub-folders you’d normally use for compiling (materials, models, scripts, sound).*

  3. Copy the gameinfo.txt file from another Source game (HL2Ep2’s for example) into the old cstrike directory that you remade.

  4. Launch the Source SDK and make sure the directory is being read properly in the model viewer. If it’s working properly, you should now also be able to compile to the old cstrike directory that you remade.

  5. In the event that you run into an “Unable to load manifest file 'scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt” error, open the gameinfo.txt file that you just copied over and look for this line:

		SteamAppId				###		// This will mount all the GCFs we need (240=CS:S, 220=HL2).

Change the number that was there before to 240 (as it states in the file) so that it registers as CS:S. You will then need to make sure you have the game_sounds_manifest.txt script in your scripts folder. Repeat Step 4 to verify if the model viewer and compiler are working properly.