cant use the toolgun ot the map!

Ok, i know its a addon but im not sure which one, i really dont want to delete my gmod folder and start again because i have so many things that i want to keep, does any1 know which mod it is that is preventing me from using the tool gun on the map?

It’s not a mod, don’t be silly.

The easiest thing you could do, is to rename your garrysmod folder to something like garrsmodOLD
and redownload just the materials and such, then selectively throw back in your addons from your garrysmodOLD folder.

then what is it then?

kk ill try the renaming garrysmod folder then

I had the same problem ages ago. I fixed it by deleting lua/entities folder. I’m not sure though.

k, dont worry now because i got a new (better) PC for xmas so im redownloading things now ty for help

Don’t use savegames.