Can't view or even decompile a MDL file

Hi there, I’m having a bit of issues working with a particular MDL file I want to edit from the free version of Black Mesa Source. (I even contacted the creator of it for permission via email, got no reply so I’ll just take that as a yes) < Thats it there if anyone wants to know what I’m talking about it.

I’m wanting to modify 3 models that make up the whole door, haven’t had any luck with any of them. I first put the file with it’s correct directories in my Gmod folder. Spawn it and I cannot view them in-game, Don’t see any pink and black over the model. Just a big pile of nothing… But it shows the correct dimensions and shows the variance of animation sequences in it’s info setting in hammer. But again, still nothing to see. When I tried to decompile it with Crowbar it comes up with this error “ERROR: VVD file not found.”

I’ve placed the models in.

I’ve played the textures and vmf in.

The VMF also requires a detail texture, and I’ve put that in

I put the file in MDLtextureinfo to make sure of things too.

I can upload everything here if required

Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Well either you didn’t copy all of the files, or BMS started using an edited .mdl format which neither GMod nor Crowbar would know how to read.

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Also not receiving an answer for permission does not really mean you are allowed to edit, use or redistribute it.

You should maybe email all of the BMS team.

I think I’ve found the issue, the mdl files are 10ish KB each. But downloading the same files directly from they’re about 330ish KB each.

…However everything seems to crash when I run those 2 files on any program they crash. I’m new to modeling, but I’m going to assume the mdl files might be corrupt due to their small file size.

EDIT: Derp these models are from goldsource, no wonder it crashes. And now I’m thinking the 10KB file size is normal.

And you’re right, I’ll make more of an effort to ask permission to modify these files.

Just to make sure you are aware, the .mdl file is not the only thing you need, you also need the .vvd? *.vtx and .phy files per model.


Looked back on the original game files… I sorted them all from file type alphabetically, not file name…

I deserve all the dumb ratings.

Thank you for your time none the less

if you want to know if you can edit the models try the BlackMesa forums :slight_smile:


mdl record simulink window. In any case, you can open the document in Notepad or Wordpad or any ascii peruser to peruse the data in text formate.