Can't wait for this game to be released!

this game looks so cool, like there’s a dedicated dm mode now! I also wanna try to make maps for this game because of the source 2 map editor.

You can start making maps right now in SteamVR or HLA, you don’t even need a headset. This guide worked for me GitHub - username223/SteamVRNoHeadset: How to run SteamVR without a headset attached. Also works in a virtual machine.

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are you able to play your maps in steamVR? all mine just crash without the headset :frowning:

I haven’t tried playing the maps in VR but I assume it should work with the guid I posted

You don’t need to do all that, you just need to remove -vr and -toolsvr from the addon launch command line, which can be found by clicking Workshop -> Create/Modify an environment then clicking a existing addon and click Show Launch Command Line, then you can open the workshop tools and hammer should work without vr