Can't wait to program for this game!

I am a German programmer who has built many servers and programmed many addons for them. I’ve been waiting for the game for a long time and hope to program for it soon. Then I would also, when dedicated servers are out, put up some servers for a Facepunch game again.
I would be interested to know if there are many programmers here who can’t wait to program for the game.

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Nah, we all hate this game and have no interest in programming for it at all.



By put up servers, do you mean make a gamemode? Just want to make sure you know how s&box is going to work.

Any references except words? ^^ Just can see this that isn’t a lot nor innovative.

I delete a lot of my addons as well when I don’t like them, maybe he just likes to keep his workshop clean.

Yea but you have a ton of other things to show :smiley:

Seems like you will be able to program for the game quite soon!


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I think I would do both, and I don’t think Facepunch has decided to remove dedicated servers.

Apart from the three admittedly unimpressive addons, I have nothing to show that I may/want to show. Therefore, the words are everything for now

I love good news :smiley:

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