Can't wake up

Any tips? It’s the same on every server.

check gamefiles in steam or reinstall the game

Neither option was successful.

I have the same issue on a DEV Branch server.

I was perched in my hut in a cave, and some newman’s dropped in to my trap.
I got my thompson and was trying to fire at them with no results then, WHAM, server crash.
I returned with everything in my inventory gone, but items on my hotbar. I could select the items but not use them. I couldn’t open my doors or storage boxes. I could open campfire but not item slots. I could also see the sleeping newmans, but could not get out to investigate names. One suddenly disappeared, the other did not. I quit.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later…
I am now at my last sleeping bag, but cannot wakeup.

Possibly a cave glitch? Or another nasty server glitch.



in console. speaking of which, any error messages there?

it tends to be lag related, but restart game/ restart steam/ restart computer/ verify/ reinstall is always a good option when shit gets bugged out.

It turns out I had to KILL from F1 a couple of times.
Lucky I was in my base when it happened. I am good now.

The only console command that works for my is ‘quit’

Still can’t wake up.

For weeks I could only connect for 20 seconds at a time. Well they fixed that because now I can stay connected but I’m stuck sleeping!

F1 console commands don’t even work so I can’t kill myself to try respawning.

Make sure it’s anti-rad pills you’re eating and not roofies… :stuck_out_tongue: