Can't we all just get along?

Anger and hate spreads the same way as goodness. One time long ago. Someone did a malicious trick. The victim became full of hate and did the same to others. Spreading to the world. Famine, war, theft. If we all just set aside our differences and not fight constantly we could accomplish so much more. Lets stop fighting. So we all can become freinds.

ChristianU2Uber tried this on youtube. Look what happened to him.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish here anyway? Most of that is just common sense that we forget about occasionally.

I like you :buddy:
See? I am good.
But it’s hard to get along with everyone when we all have different personalities.

I dream of a friendly Internet every night.

yawn get out.
there are no peace on the internet, and never will.

point? people will always fight over the internet. people love being immature chrildren to others and saying what they wouldnt do say real life.

Internet is for porn, bitching, fights, trollin’, arguments, insults, stalking, talking. Peace doesn’t exist here, sadly :[

i gave you a gaybow

Not going to work. Nice try.

sorry, I was REALLY bored at the time.

Nope. No matter how much you want it, there will always be asshats on earth.