Can't write in the console

My friend has a problem with the console and I can’t find any fix for it. He can open the console, but he isunable to type anything into it. Does anyone have any information on how he can fix this or what is causing the problem?

Click on the console when opening it? This sounds like a strange problem. I’ve heard of not being able to open it, but not being unable to type in it. Has this happened multiple times? Because if you type something in the console that goes past the end of the dialog box (like it’s making more room for text), then ctrl+a delete it all, typing it in again will appear that nothing is being typed into it, until you try and select it with your mouse by clicking and dragging. I hope that makes sense, it’s really hard to explain without visuals

Probably the same error as I have here

The console is just not accessible when I join a game. Right after starting up Gmod it’s fine, but not when in a game. You just can’t click the console, can’t scroll in it, can’t write in it.

Even after re-opening it? It just sounds like a weird issue considering game consoles are pretty source-based.

Í bound it to a key and that works indeed. Still a weird issue.