Cantido's Mech Arms (Work in Progress)

I’m interested in your opinion. This is a work in progress of some mech arms that I am working on. Only one arm is fully functional, though I have not hidden any of the thrusters or other wire mod entities to make it look cooler. It’s very bare bones kind of stuff, but I really haven’t seen anyone do anything like this in a while.

Is this worth completing?

I’m putting all my newer videos into the top post for easy finding. This is video is the mouse aimed turret.

And this is the 3 part video tutorial.

1 of 3

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I’d say continue, it looks very awesome.

It looks so natural. I’d say finish it, would you make a tutorial for your other mech stuff?

I’d say that you definitely need to carry on with this , it looks just way past awesome :slight_smile:

wow that’s incredible

Yes it is, but make sure the first segment of the arm (tricep and bicep) go up to the same level as the second, Like humans aim with a pistol. That’d be nice

Yeah, it totally would. I’m still working out the kinks.

I would like to report that i have finished the other arm and I’m slapping some meat on the bone of this mech prototype. I may start it out as a guncannon style mech, with eventual plans to make it bipedal. I have a leg design already, I just can’t get setsze’s chip to work the way I want. I end up being way too bouncy, or way too droopy. It’s finding that balance in between that will make my mech truely shine.

But for now, I’m working with slapping some meat on it.

Well, not much point in building anymore.


Looks like it could go somewhere, carry it on dag.

Nice this deserves sacrifices its so good and!!! No applyapple

I know this is a bit off topic, but can someone point me towards a tutorial where I’m able to record my voice while capturing video? I want to attempt to make a “How to” tutorial on the arms. My voice was added in after I recorded the video. I simply used “Sound Recorder” which was a pain in the ass, but worked out in the end.

If someone can help me out with that, I’ll make a tutorial! :slight_smile:

get this man his tutorial damnit

Hey, Nice job mate. It looks very smooth.

Guess what? I’ve figured out how to use audacity. I’ve set it up so that I can use a few hot buttons to start and stop recording audio. I have not tested this in game tho, so don’t get your hopes up yet. This does mean I will try to make a tutorial on how to make working mech arms. I just need to hammer out the details, do some more testing, blah blah blah. Expect a tutorial. Subscribe to my youtube channel if you want.

It should work if you are recording from your mic, just make sure to normalize it once you are done recording (effects > Normalize) It raises the volume of the audio to a normal speaking level.

Bump with content! I’m getting better at making videos so I hope you guys will like it. Expect a tutorial on the turret soon.

do this

go into options then voice then do the test audio thing so you can hear yourself. then just exit out of options and u should still hear yourself and then just start recording.

I have an another update. I have a 25 minute tutorial in the process of compiling. I plan on chopping it up into 3 pieces and submitting it to youtube after I get off of work tonight. The tutorial will show you how to make a mouse aimed turret identical to the one built in earlier video. My next project will be a tutorial on the making the biceps move like the original video post.

thank u

by any chance (have not watched video) is it just 2 delta turret setups for bearing and yaw?

And if not:
you did too much work
you should try moar E2 :smiley: