Cantido's Rainbow quad legged walker

Before you say it, yes the name sounds a little gay, but I color coded the legs to the corresponding control panel that makes it walk. This was really just a test for myself to see if I could make something walk with the use of hydraulics. this was not a complete success because it tends to go left, and can only move forward. I didn’t think about adding a turning system to it. My computer crashed before I could save it so I’m pretty bummed. It took me about 5 to 6 hours to build, test, and play with it.

If a few people show interest in how I made it walk, I may make a tutorial demostrating how to create a loop with accumulators and greater than gates. (but by saying this,you get a hint on how I made it walk!)

For now I’m gonna call it a fail, since there are much better ways of making walkers now… cough

Balloons? Seriously?

personally i don’t qualify a walker if it uses thrusters/vector thrusters(namely apply force)

so i salute you :smiley:

Unlike some other people here, I really like it. One of the few walkers that uses a TRUE walking gait.
No offense to anyone, but most other walkers I’ve seen would stand no chance if put in the real world.
Yours, on the other hand, would still work. (Minus some balloons, but nobody is perfect.)
Well done. (See my avatar for an expression of my thoughts.)
I hope to see an improved version in the future!

I love it, Next greatest mech builder?

Cool, an actually plausible walker on facepunch for once. I tried to do something like this once, but I wasn’t devoted enough to finish the body of the six legged walker and then program the ripple gait.

I’ve toyed around with sestze’s hip based walking chip and it is fun to have, but I was interested in seeing if I could make something that would really work.

My next version will have longer strides I hope because I’m going to make the biceps longer(if you could call the upper arms that). I also think that if I place something that works as feet on the floor it would reduce the turning effect that this version had.

And I do see how balloons can be a little fail, but I think I need to increase the weight of the legs so that the hydraulics can support the body better.

Very interesting, how it walks. Never seen a GMod walker like that.

I got an idea, instead of having one leg at a time, use both front legs and then both back legs, might be a bit of a challenge but might help the moving to the left.

you’re fail.

thats actually pretty cool man

Pretty cool, looks very funny when walking tho :smiley:
But i love you for not using any wire on it. Fu applyforce.


You all suck.

I resent that. Sort of.

Edit: oh yes, I must confess, there is a 3 and 4 legged walking chip that I put together using roughly the same framework.

Look even they guy who made the walking chip doesn’t like the fact we flame people over it.


What have we become?

as for the mech i say you should stick a face on it. You know, for the lolz.

My next robot will resemble an ant more than anything else. I think 6 legs would make it walk more stable. I also think I will be able to turn with a system like that too. I’m going to work on it now. :slight_smile:

Twy use Theo Jansen :smiley: would be impwessive

Here is Zeos

I think if you altered the gait slightly it wouldn’t turn. You have both legs on one side propel it forward, then the other side. Try changing it so that it does front-left, back-right, front right, back left.

It’s gay.

And it sucks :v: