This is a map I made for driving around in. My complete lack of displacement skills resulted in some pretty barren canyon walls but I made plenty of distractions with power lines, architecture, props, etc. Either way it’s mostly meant for driving around in. Be sure to use a car that doesn’t suck. The default HL2 buggy and Jalopy work great. Half of all the Gmow, Vmod and other vehicles can’t drive in a strait line on flatgrass. Let alone around the cramped, winding corners of this map.
Map of the map.

The Dam.


Spawn/Generator Room.



Looks pretty good. Downloaded

**Edit:**1st downloader :smiley:


Great map I enjoy playing on it and I had no trouble with custom cars on it. I really like the starting generator building. My only problem with the map is that it’s very small and the blocky environment. I hope you will be making another larger version of a driving map? I suggest you do one with a larger environment( pine forest, more off road, streams,waterfalls and etc) Maybe some more building along the roads( homes, cabins, campground, Inn,gas station, country store)

I think this would work much better in half life 1 because of the lack of displacement.
And I’d say the lightning is kinda boring, as it makes it look fullbright outside.

But try to remake it with more displacements instead, and it will properly turn out much better.

The lighting looks too bright for that cloudy skybox. You need to use displacements on those canyon walls to make it look slightly more natural. You should lower the lightmap scale on a few areas to prevent that blocky shadow effect.

I feel like it is too small and cramped for the kind of map you are trying to present us. I’d love to see the whole thing doubled in size but with no real new stuff added. Just spread the current things out and make some glorious bridges and features like that.

Nice map though - 6/10

Displacements will make this map look 100x better.

And perhaps change the color of your light_environment, it’s practically fullbright with shadows.


oh, and some road textures

It is light_enviornment. I can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to do. Every time I compile it the light doesn’t bounce off the canyon walls properly, leaving a huge contrast between light and shade. There is also a completely inexplicable dark spot in the northern edge of the map. I have never been able to figure it out.

Also I really suck with displacements. If I tried to turn all the canyon walls into displacements I’d screw everything up. There would be leaks and gaps everywhere.


Sucks at displacements?

Holy shit I learned Displacements instantly lol

It’s honestly incredibly blocky with alot of repeating and out-of-place textures.

Them’s some nicely cut canyons there

displacements don’t even block the map from the void, you NEED to have a brush behind it in order for it to not leak, I learned that the hard way after spending a half hour pulling my hair out making sure my first displacement covered the hole that it was meant to fill


also, use the water texture that doesn’t have _cheap or _beneath or _dx8 in it, it seems like you are using the _cheap version…

I feel your pain
I had a little 1x1 square hole that i thought was covered with a displacement and it made my entire map fail
It took me 4 days to find it :sigh:

and lower the brightness on your light_environment while changing the color, it will look fine. If it doesn’t, perhaps try a VRAD -final compile?

Sorry but it looks like it was made in the hl1 beta engine.

Great concept though, I’ve always wanted to make something like this.

Not bad. I’d suggest altering the lighting color, if possible, and trying to learn displacements. Also, is there a possibility of a mirror? has slowed to a few KB/sec crawl for me (FileFront and MediaFire are great, though.)

Er, scratch the mirror thing, it seems to have sped up a bit, getting around 150 KB/sec now (not like you care) but mirrors are nice anyway. :downs:

Really blocky.

No offense, but that rock wall texture is pretty grizzly.

blocky, way too small
A simple(if slightly dated) guide to displacements
I like this map, it has a lot of potential.

looks bad i mean