capitalist dogs cannot withstand bullets of soviet force

so they are dead

not big surprise

Now that you mention it, I don’t think the soviets are immune to bullets either

amerikan kapitalist proypaganda!

sounds like something a captialist dog would say

I hate the be the one that asks, but where did you get the destroyed Humvee?

That aside, This screenshot seems peaceful despite the tanks and dead bodies. The russian on the right’s left hand doesn’t look like its holding the rifle, though that might be intentional.

Artistic for you.

Yeah that model looks spectacular. :slight_smile: Picture looks good and looks a bit washed out but its fitting, good job. Humvee :))

where’d you get the destroyed humvee model?

you’ll have to forgive me, I’ve been out of the loop for a while with gmod

My guess would be Insurgency.

suck my dick and ill tell you

Deal, behind… what? Chipolte™ on 53rd street? Right next to the HomeDepot™? I’ll bring the camera and lube, you bring the laptop, lets stream that shit.

alright meet me at the playground tomorrow after school

Or I can save you the mental trauma and just give a link.

It’s a bodygroup.

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And everybody knows Russians are bulletproof.

I’ve been saved. Thank you.

Christ has come, Christ has risen, Christ will come agaiiiiin.

Another lonely night for Zerax.

The high level of natural vodka produced in a russian infantrys body renders it’s nerve system un-aware of it being shot. This, however, does not make it bulletproof as the body is injured but the mind is unaffected the russian soldier can fight on without pain or anything else hindering its objective focus until it eventually dies of exhaustion and blood loss.

Next up on FP wild life, we take a look at the shy species of black ops soldiers that make their habitat in the mountains.

Sadly the Russians arent radiation proof, Chernobyl anyone?

Chernobyl is in Ukraine.

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Russians are bulletproof.

But the facility was under jurisdiction from officials in Moscow and the radiation plume did cover alot of the western Soviet Union including Belarus, Ukraine and western Russia.

So? even if there where casualties from the radiation, it’s probably the lies of capitalist pigs.