Capping Crafting Time limits?

Hey all, Just a quick, simple suggestion. Think Capping a crafting time limit is a good idea? I know it sounds silly, but today I had to craft sixty wood ceilings and the crafting time for that was an hour. Yeah, it wasn’t fun. So I was wondering if there could be like a capped time limit? Maybe like thirty minutes at most. If not, then maybe I shouldn’t build massive ass mansions anymore. But hey, I’m sure someone else on here has the same problem.

I’m reading this while waiting for my ceilings to finish also … haha. I do support this

60 ceilings??? Dude, that SHOULD take an hour…

Would really be happy to see how much time does it take you to make a ceiling…

He just said that. :confused:

I feel you man.

Yes nice idea or crafting times of ceilings and foundations should be atleast be halfed as standart

Crafting times should be how they are so as to slow you down and persuade you from building too quickly IMO. Part of the survival aspect is having choices – you can either choose to sit there and craft 60 ceilings or you can just to craft 5, go hunt, craft 5, go hunt, etc. This also creates a barrier to someone just collecting a whole lot of wood and building a huge base ‘overnight’.

Crafting 60 ceilings should be an extraordinary event that requires extraordinary time (again, IMO).

Yeah I like the time thing its a thrill thinking someone could break in while I am crafting and take everything I have, they do badly need some sort of crafting queue though. A good idea to improve crafting could be that you could use the workbench to pause your crafting as long as you craft from workbench (essentially your leaving your work and coming back to resume it.) Or when crafting multiple things have it appear at every tick for example it takes 30 seconds to craft this and your crafting 10 of those every 30 seconds you receive one of what your making. Makes more sense realistically as someone is more likely to do a door at a time in real life then ten doors being built at same time and completed at same time. I know you all hate hearing airdrop or a noise outside your house and stopping a large craft wasting all the time you already spent

Why not a limit to amount of items being crafted at once?

Yeah, I’ve never understood why if I walk away from my workbench at second 599 of 600, then none of the 20 items I was making got crafted. Maybe if you got some kind of bonus (-10% in time) by crafting multiples at once, then you wouldn’t get any until they were all done, but as it is, it doesn’t make sense.

Something like that would be amazing.

They should add a buzzsaw and drill etc. to solve this problem properly. And by the way. I don´t wanna klick a thousand times to create 1000 gunpowder -.-´

riotofdoom, use control + (or -) button on your numpad to craft as many of the item as your resources will let your or shift + (or -) to increase/decrease by 10 units

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They should add:
Celings takes 60 seconds each make.
2 Ceilings should take 90 seconds.
3 Ceilings should take 115… And so on. That way it doesn’t take so goddamn long and a cap will be made:downs: imo