Capsa- A Small Experiment in Source

So I’ve been interested in this FacePunch thread and I thought that this would translate well into a source map.

I also made this map as a way that I might improve on my lighting techniques in Source and generally just get better at making maps look “good.”

I still have yet to do any sort of real detail or any sort of exterior setting, I’m planning on adding that soon.



I still need to improve the lighting quite a bit along with much more. I’ll be glad to receive any constructive that you may have!

The only problem I have with this map so far is the choice of texture for the floor, but that’s not a big deal.

It’s only a placeholder, but thanks for pointing that out!

You should drag the proper crate materials from materials/models/whatever to materials/whatever and use those to make them look like the actual props. Cool otherwise.

Looks nice

Should definitely take time to make some custom textures, this would look a lot nicer with a more modern style

Maybe some variation on the window designs?
Maybe a different floor texture to match the style of the walls?
Other than that I really like it so far.

Thanks for the suggestion, but any suggestions on where I might find some good textures for the shipping crate outsides? or the interiors for that matter?

CGtextures is a pretty good place

I’ve looked on there and I don’t really want to buy a premium account to get hi-res images, are there any other alternatives?

Tile them manually. Its not hard. I do it all the time, which is why I was asking you why you needed a premium account heh.

you want some modern furniture for this kaine?

Looks good, but

That’s one of the reasons why I need a better texture.

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I would be delighted if you would like to make some! I would love anyone’s help considering I’m a bit of an amateur for that matter.

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All I’ve really got to work with is Paint.Net. Any tutorials for that sort of thing?

Well if you’re a student your school may have photoshop, was lucky enough to have one that does.

Otherwise you have to just about manually patch it up, I can pretty simple with the content aware feature on cs5 though.

I don’t think I would be able to get access to that. Would gimp work at all?

More quality loss depending if you want to do it automatically. By hand takes longer, but if you want I can be your texture converter, since I have access to photoshop.

I can’t decide on what setting the map should be in so:

: City

: Desert

: Harbor/Docks

: Beach

: Forest

: If you’re a smartass like Pyth.

Feel free to suggest another location if you think it would be good.

Seriously, with that interior, it just BEGS to be a beach. I would love a proper modern beach house.

I like the floor but I dislike the ceiling, the floor looks realistic but the ceiling looks awful, and a beach setting would be good, maybe have some of the crates at an angle and not all just square on? you could have one sideways with the doors open as a balcony and an awning held up with poles, just a thought