Captain America and MGS

I tried searching for a Captain America model to use in Gmod but nothing showed up on I was wondering if it’d be possible for someone to perhaps port one from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. There seems to be a severe lack of superhero based models out there. The only ones I’ve seen thus far are Spiderman and Ironman.

Also is there any chance someone could do more Metal Gear Solid based models? I’ve only seen one basic Solid Snake for Ragdoll and Player Models but I was hopeing someone could do a proper SSBB Snake with the beard and/or Snake from the Gamecube Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. Maybe even port some of the other characters from that game like Meryl and Liquid Snake.

there is one but it’s a private model and low poly (Marvel Ultimate Alliance) good luck trying to get it.

this is a bit late but david hayter the guy who voices snake also voiced captain america in spider man from the 1990s

Someone is ripping twin snakes models. I don’t know if someone will actually port them to gmod even if he does release them.

Hmmm…this is for “The Avengers; Earth´s Migthiest Heroes”? It´s a good cartoon, one of the best few cartoons that has this last 11 years the Television. Perhaps, you should wait for MvsC 3, there´s Captain America in cel-shading, how the another character, and if you want it without that, then you should ask the same model without the cel-shading. Also, i will use Captain America if someone port some of the another Avengers, that´s the only reason why i watch Disney XD.