Captain America in a German street

This is my first time. be gentle:P

and from a different angle.

That’s pretty good, is that a scenebuild? That is very good for a first!

Wasn’t Cap in his soldier’s uniform in WW2?


In the ultimate universe he wore the top images costume. In 616 he wore his regular costume.

Oh yeah

By scenebuild do you mean just taking various props and setting them up manually to make a scene? (sorry if that seems like a dumb question but I’m new here. I’ve seen people mention that phrase “scenebuild” and I think I have a pretty good idea what it means but then part of me still wasn’t sure if perhaps people were refering to something else like a program or something)

constructive comments and crit would be welcome. anything I should improve on? more props? better prop placement? different camera angles? anything?