Captain Falcon PLAYERMODEL

Hello, my name is Tres and I’ve been playing this here game for about a month. Well, I’m hooked… and I think the only thing that needs to be made is a Captain Falcon playermodel. I would do it myself but I’m not sure how, so if someone can please make a Captain Falcon pModel from the Super Smash Bros Brawl model on that would be AWESOME!! :smiley: thanks in advance, pm me if you have any news.

(P.S. My friend also was asking for a Samus pModel (I think he said normal suit) So yeah :slight_smile: )

You have no idea how useful this would be for me. If not the Brawl Falcon someone could do that F-Zero GX model as a player model instead somehow.

Hell yes. If you find anyone willing to do it, can ya notify me? Thanks :smiley:

I would like to see both as a pModel, and a Samus in the normal suit is something I’ve been searching for. Everyone wants teh Zero Suit Samus >.>

Im willing to do that i can do it if you want me two im a good scripter and modeler.

Yes please. The Brawl one.