Captain Keyes (halo:ce)

hello today im releasing captain keyes ragdoll heres the download:dl link:’ he looks like this:

two more pics:


so the reason me and my friend srgt.shotup did this is because i dont like the marine version of him and i loved his captain uniform so yeah c&c plz
credit:bansheefriend for the model and texures and me and srgt shotup for texturing and rigging


no c&c? weird

Well, it’s old and ugly, but that’s not your fault. I’ll comment on the rigging once I download and test it, but unless you messed up something, it looks like a good port. I’ll give you a pre-emptive “well done”, on the assumption that the rigging was done properly.

One small note: It’s usually a good idea to put the DL link at the top, using an image if possible. This makes it easier for people to find the link.

yeah ill edit that now lol its like my third release but first on the release forums me and srgt shotup did the halo 3 marines and sgt johnson recently on the halo wip thread

I can barely wait for the Halo reach version of him now.

well it maybe old but this was my favourite character in all of the halo series so i dont beleive hes ugly

oh and hes finger poseable

What does that have to do with the model looking like crap due to it being from quite an old game?

When halo first came out and I played it I was like THIS IS THE BEST GRAPHICS EVAR!!! and I still think they are now for there time.

For their time, they were OK, at least by console game standards. PCs were already outpacing the XBox before it was even released, and Halo was very poorly optimized for that hardware. Compare it to Halo 2, which ran on the same hardware, but with vastly better graphics.

Good job on the model, I hope to use it later on.

Also, where did you get that Marine model? Its almost hard to find.

mat_fullbright 1 makes the pillar of autumn and other halo models look good in a screenshot. Like this:

Use it if nessisary for some other model releases with no fancy stuff in the materials.

Kinda ugly, but its a ten year old model.

Yes, Halo CE had absolute shit optimization. What was it, like a max of 4 portals per-level and you could only have like no more than 20,000 polygons in each portal or something (or was it 200k)? I don’t think it had any sort of occlusion or LODs. Not to mention they locked the frame rates to 30 on the Xbox version, because if you were to use vsync on the PC version, the animations would be sort of choppy looking.

Halo 2’s optimization isn’t all that better, but it certainly improved. But if you compare Halo 2 on Xbox to Halo 2 Vista, there’s quite a difference in texture detail (Vista being better). There were no “dx10 features” of course, that was just some bull shit excuse to make it Vista exclusive.

I got the marine in a pack you have 2 google halo marine in gmod

That looks like shit

The Pillar of autumn is suposed to have lighting on the inside.
Mat fullbright 1 makes it look better than the vertexlit stuff from the env sun which makes it look very weird seeing random darker spots on the inside of a ship with lamps in the ceiling panels.

The halo 3 weapon models looks better in fullbright without their shaders than with the vertexlit and no shaders making them look very weird and dark.

Good to see you Master Chief.

Well why don’t you give some good criticism instead of being an ass. Say why it looks bad or GTFO with your trolling.

I Cried.

why because it’s good or because it’s bad?