Captain Price is stop the nuclear launch.

Cpt. Price can do anything.

Look at him stop the nuclear launch.


rated messy piece of wood

he did what had tobe done

to save the humens

ok fine i can’t think of anything so i stole shit from full life consequences why don’t you just beat me up if you have such a problem with it GOD

According to ED, he have a .50 cal sniper rifle as a dick


Did you pose this in GMOD, or actually in COD4?
Either way, you did a good job.

absolutely GMOD

Very nice lighting, showing off good ol’ Cpt Price’s badassness!

Someone set us up the bomb!
Let Captain Price is stop it!

nice posing

Soap! Flash bang through the door!

On your feet, soldier! We are leaving!

Too bad he died.

RIP Cp. Price.

Which way to the helicopter??!!

I dont care if you cant spell, nice lighting and great photo

He sure is

** serious face!!! **

i always knew captain price was stop the nuclear launch

he is stop everything he is wanted